The new national RET replaces the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target - MRET and incorporates all State RET's. It has expanded the target of Australia's electricity to come from renewable sources by 2020, to 20%, or 45,000 gigawatt-hours. This is up from 9,000 GWh under MRET. This will drive investment in a range of renewable energy technologies including solar.

The RET Legislation includes a 5 times multiplier for Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), for solar photovoltaic installations up to 1.5 kW in size. Called the Solar Credit scheme, it is for installations which have not received any rebate under other Australian government programs.

It is also applicable at present for caravans, houseboats, cathodic protection, off-grid home systems and water pumping - provided that there is a mail address and that there has not been a prior rebate for that address.

To be eligible for the Solar Multiplier, all these systems have to be designed and installed by a CEC-Accredited installer (not all of the above applications require this at present).

If PV systems are not installed by an Accredited installer (regardless of application), then they are only allowed 5 years deemed RECs and no Solar Multiplier.

Further reading at the The Office of the Renewable Energy Regulator website

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