A Class Solar Systems together with Apricus Australia are pleased to provide a fully financed solar hot water system specifically tailored to your needs.

The Apricus Australia system feeds pre-heated solar water into the hot water tank overnight, dramatically reducing the cost on electric elements.

You can cut your hot water costs by up to 80%

It is important to note, you won’t lose any hot water if the sun isn’t shining.

An Apricus system will supply solar preheated water to your cold feed tank meaning the heating element in your dairy tank will no longer have to heat water from a cold tap temperature of 15 degrees but from a solar preheated temperature 75 degrees. Heating the water from 75 to 90 degrees instead of 15 to 90 degrees means huge savings in your energy bill.

As an example, a 1600 litre Solar Hot Water System installed and priced at $36,500.00 including GST. The repayments over 5 years using an example interest rate of 10% would be $772.00 per month (note the interest rate will vary depending on your personal situation however our finance team will look at providing you with the most competitive rate available for you). Subtract the annualized savings of $684.00 per month and your monthly GST credit of $56.00 means an out of pocket amount of just $33.00 per month.

After 5 years of paying off your new hot water system you will have not only a reduced power bill but also 5 years warranty on the tanks that should last up to 20 years and 15 years warranty on the roof equipment that should last up to 25 years.

Each Solar Hot Water System is priced individually on appraisal and provided with a written quotation within 14 days.

How it works:

 1. The sunlight strikes the dark absorbent coating inside the evacuated tube.

 2. The heat pipe transfers the heat up to the copper pipe location in the insulated manifold box.

 3. A circulator moves water from the storage tank to the copper header pipe warming the water. The solar heated water is then pushed down into the storage tank for use.








Dairy Hot Water Facts:

  • DPI proven to be more efficient than other Solar Hot Water Heaters
  • DPI proven faster payback
  • Custom systems available
  • Eligible for various rebates and small business Incentive schemes
  • Field proven
  • Reduces carbon emission
  • Better suited to frost prone areas with -15°C tolerance
  • No glycol used anywhere in the system
  • Longest industry warranty
  • Low maintenance
  • Independent of existing plant meaning no Down Time
  • Lightweight components provides flexibility of mounting
  • Individually replaceable tubes means no loss of water in the event of breakage

What About HAIL: Apricus collectors are rated to withstand hail
up to 25 mm in diameter

Wind Rating: Apricus collectors are wind rated for ‘Cyclone Region C’

Australian Owned and Operated

15 Year warranty on roof components

Lightweight and durable design

Excellent cold weather performance

Frost protected without the use of glycol

Evacuated tubes passively track the sun

Stainless steel or vitreous enamel tank options

Dedicated local after sales & service team

Apricus Commercial Products Include:

Solar Collectors: Evacuated Tubes for high performance and quality which are certified to all key Australian and International standards

Mounting Frames: Rated for Cyclonic Wind conditions

Storage Tanks: Standard tanks from 315 – 1000 litres and Custom tanks to 20,000 litres

Heat Exchangers: Titanium tube in shell, stainless and brazed plate heat exchangers

Solar Controllers:   Quality controllers to manage the commercial heating plant, with monitoring and data logging options also available.

Circulating pumps; Apricus and A class solar use the best quality components for the systems. That’s why we only use Grunfos pumps. German made quality

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'A' Class Solar Systems is unable to control the amount or value of rebates provided by either Federal or State Goverment nor any of it's agencies. The value of the various credit schemes rises and falls over time so your rebate may vary accordingly.


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